Your Inner Critic is No Match For Your Inner Warrior: 2 Things to Know About Your Inner Critic

First let me say this.

I know that inner critical voice.

My inner critic was one heck of a she-devil. She was persistent. She was relentless. She found fault with eeeeeeverything I did.

For years, she operated in stealth mode. I was totally unaware of her existence.  

Later – once I started practicing mindfulness – I thought she was just a part of life.

Didn’t everyone have this inner voice?

Yet when I looked at my husband. When I saw how relaxed he was in his own skin, I got my answer.

It was indeed possible to live without inner turmoil.

It was possible to be in your own team.

I set out to learn everything I could about my inner critic.

I researched, trained and studied eeeeeeverything from neuroscience to somatic coaching to positive psychology to yoga philosophy.

There is LOTS to dive into here but let me boil it down to two things:

1. Your inner critic is a sign of disconnection with your TRUE SELF.

Inside you is a deep well of wisdom, courage, strength, and power that already lives inside. That’s your inner WARRIOR. She’s totally awesome and only a few breaths away.

You can cultivate a DIRECT CONNECTION to her through my 5-Day STRONG meditation.

2. Your inner critic is a sign of your CONDITIONING

In general, as women (especially women of colour) we HAVE NOT been conditioned to work from our inner power. We have not been raised to fight for what we want or encouraged to ferociously chase our dreams.

So when obstacles come up (which they always do) we don’t tap into our inner warrior. We tap into our inner worrier instead.

Our worrier ruminates big time!!

Can you relate to that!? And when we’re ruminating, we look for all kinds of things that can be wrong, including ourselves.

Essentially we turn all our hiccupped fight/flight energy onto ourselves instead of towards what we really want to fight for.

There’s a lot more to learn here about your inner critic but for now know this.


The way to do it is through awareness, compassion AND daily practice (in general people underestimate the importance of the last one).

Find a Way to Connect With What is Already Strong Inside.

My FREE Strong Meditation helps with that.

Find a Way to Learn More About How You’ve Been Conditioned.

My 28-Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp helps you here.

Start wherever you want but know that you must travel both sides of this road to get to your fully empowered life of purpose and fulfillment.

Get Strong Today

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