Women, Here’s Why It’s Still Hard to Take Up Space in This World.

If you haven’t watched this video yet, watch it here:

The experience Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez describes speaks exactly to the reason why, as a woman, you might have a hard time claiming your purpose, chasing your dreams and standing up for the things you believe in

The truth is, as women, we continue to get mixed signals.

We see career advancement, leadership initiatives and wealth-equity programs tempered by pre-historic, outdated misogynistic thinking that continues to live in our economic and social  structures as well as powerful humans who have decision-making power in the world.

And because, we are animals, those mixed signals can keep us stuck.

As animals,  we are always scanning our environment for signs of threat and unconsciously making decisions that will help keep us physically as well as emotionally and socially safe.

So when we encounter people or experiences that reflect beliefs like Ted Yoho’s, without awareness, we might back away from what we want.

For women, there is still a disconnect between who we want to be and who the world tells us we should be.

Now to be fair I came across this video because two of my male Facebook friends chose to post it.

But the people who don’t share this view of full equality are still out there, often making decisions in our world, using threat, oppression, power and size to intimidate and insult women who dare to challenge the status quo.

To bring about full equality we need two things.

Number 1: Continue to change economic, financial, social, political structures that embed inequality.

In Canada, I am grateful to organizations like these for doing this work.

Number 2: Bring awareness to any unconscious, outdated, misogynistic thinking that lives inside us as individuals.

Like Alexandria, if we are committed to a world of full equality for ourselves and our daughters, we need to embody the courage to live life that way in a world that does not yet fully support that.

It’s why I co-host The Afterglow Podcast and it’s why I’ve created The 28-Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp. Both of these initiatives support women on their own path of purpose and courage in a world not fully ready for that yet.

And as more of us hop on that path of truth and courage, we give permission to others to do the same.

And one-by-one we make change happen.

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