Why You Need to Fight For Your Dreams

So often we portray following your dreams as a pathway to unicorn and rainbows.

“Follow your dreams,” we say against an explosion of stars, “and all will be magical.”

But my experience in following my dreams for myself, my family and this planet, is that the road to your dreams is haaaard.

Why? Because change is hard!!!

On your path to your holy grail, you will meet resistance.

Literally every neural pathway in your body is rooted in maintaining the status quo.

It’s the way it works.

I wish I could say that it’s all unicorn and rainbows, but the truth is there are some battles along the way.

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.” And just like Dorothy, these things usually reside inside your own head.

It’s the stuff that got planted in before you were old enough to question it.

The outside messages you’ve turned into unconscious  beliefs.

The cultural shoulds you’ve turned into automatic habits.

These are the things we can not see that keep us locked in old patterns. The stuff that lives in our bodies, habits and minds.

I think we should be more honest.

We don’t need magic wands. We need swords.

We don’t need glitter and stardust. We need the transformative elixirs of breath, body and attention.

We aren’t princesses. We are warriors.

The path of your dreams is not the easy and comfortable road. It’s the hard one.  But it’s the one that matters.

So you get to decide. Do you want to live life all pretty and perfect?

Or do you want to jump into the ring, get bloody and sweaty and find your life of meaning.

Because you can’t hope for your dreams. You fight for them.

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