Why It’s Hard to Live Your Purpose

I talk a lot about purpose.

And for good reason. Purpose is research-proven to improve health, increase grit + resiliency and even lead to greater financial success.

But the truth is, living a life of purpose is not always easy.

It’s not a magical, fairy-tale ride of unicorns and rainbows. Life doesn’t always get easier when you pursue a life of purpose.

Sometimes it gets harder.

And even though I believe 100% that…

Each of us has the internal strength to live a life of purpose…

I want to be fully upfront and say that there are challenges along the way.

Challenges which can derail us, if we don’t address them.

Challenges that can take you away from your most meaningful life AND the impact you were born to have in this world.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO and learn the neuroscience behind why it’s hard to live a life of purpose.

Once you understand the things that get in the way – the challenges that are common to all of us as humans – you will find greater courage to go after what you really want.

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