Why I’m Not Straightening My Hair.

Here’s something I’ve noticed.

Since the increased focus on race and equality, I am letting my hair do what it wants to do.

Curl, baby curl.

Listen, in the grand scheme of my life, not being able to express my hair is a relatively small upset. Compared to what others have faced as people of colour — compared even to other setbacks in my own life — this is a minor one.

This is not a big deal.

Or is it?

Because what I notice now – as I let go control of my hair – is that I’m letting go of fear in my life.

I’m not holding myself in.

I’m freeing up energy that used to be spent pretending to be someone else.

And I’m putting that freed up energy into writing, recording videos and doing things I love to help grow my business.

  • Outwardly I’m writing more.
  • I’m speaking publicly with ease.
  • I feel more relaxed in my own skin.

And as I increase my creative output, I increase my impact on others as well. Every day, a note or a thank you. A message of appreciation, “that’s what I needed to hear today.”

Make no mistake. It takes a great deal of energy to not be who you were meant to be.

It is exhausting to always be pretending and holding yourself in.

And that energetic toll doesn’t just affect you. It affects the people around you too.

Where are you holding yourself in?

How can you relax into who you truly are?

And what impact might that have on you and the people around you?

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