Why I’m Making More Time for Spirit in 2020

I have a secret.

I’ve dropped a few clues.

I’ve hinted at it a few times, through my regular #morningrun posts on Instragram.

But, for the most part I haven’t shared publicly something I’ve been doing.

A new crush I’ve been making time for despite my busy days.

My secret is this

In the early morning hours, before work meetings and carpools, I find time each day. Actually, let’s be honest, multiple times per day, to connect with Spirit.

And these interludes. These quiet, inspiring moments, have been a powerful tool to help me decrease anxiety, pivot into purpose, shift into my most confident + courageous self and fuel my high potential.

This isn’t easy to admit

Because in a world that values head over heart, I risk being ridiculed or judged.

And I get it. To be honest, I was judging myself too.

The truth is I had a mixed relationship with anything related to Spirit.

My early Catholic upbringing hadn’t worked for me. Shame, guilt, duty, heaven + hell? These weren’t things I wanted to open up again.

But something had to change

I was unhappy, full of doubt and always second guessing myself.

Shackled by anxiety, I wasted more energy standing still then moving forward.

And I had a harsh inner critical voice that had me handcuffed to perfectionism.

Overall, my fear was keeping me away from my full potential and I was stressed, bitter and resentful.

And I wasn’t alone

  • 18.1% of us are affected by anxiety, every single year
  • Our negative feelings, including worry, sadness, and anger, are on the rise, up by 27 percent from 2010 to 2018
  • And depending on the study 67 – 90% of us lack a sense of purpose in our lives.

The Status Quo Has Got to Go

Spirit is both my medicine and my muse. She offers me unconditional love and inspiration that both quells my fears and fills me with purpose.

And she gives me confidence and courage to do things I normally wouldn’t (like write this post) to be of service in this world.

Although I don’t fully understand it, I know, I’ve stumbled upon an INTUITIVE TRUTH that my RATIONAL BRAIN now wants to devote time to.

Enter Spirit Hacking

So that’s what I’ll be doing through this blog and newsletter.

Exploring questions I don’t yet have the answers to:

What is Spirit?

What is the connection between Spirit and high performance?

How can we live a life aligned with our true self and our purpose?

And what practices can we do to support all of the above?

I call this Spirit Hacking and it’s something I’ll be unpacking probably until I’m grey, withered and thin as bone.

Just be curious

Doubtful? That’s ok. I still wrestle with that too.

But if along with the doubt there’s curiosity, I invite you to JOIN ME!

Sign up for my weekly newsletter where I’ll share one Spirit related piece of research (to get our brains on board), one empowering quote, and one practice to help you hack Spirit in your own life.

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