Why I Live in Hope

I have 4 kids.

And each time I’ve brought one of them into the world, I’ve been reminded of one important thing.

We are born to love.

When I birthed my babes they could not feed themselves. They could not move. They could not even hold up their heads.

The only way babies survive is by having another human love them so much they go out of their way to help them.

Losing hours upon hours of sleep to take on the emotional toll of caring for another human.

This is love people and it is very much wired into our our DNA .

We survive because someone at some point gave us love.

Without love, none of this works.

Now I don’t know how, or when, or why we lose love, but I know this..

Our sole purpose here on earth is to find our way back to it .

That not living in love creates a pain and a hurt in all of us that spreads through fear and disconnection in our world.

That our collective forgetting of love is what’s driving a lot of the madness we see today

I believe in Team Human.

Why? Because we are wired to survive. It’s what we do. We’ve gotten past ice ages, and famines and super volcanoes..

…and our self created madness? I think we can get past that too.

I know the road.

It’s one I’ve taken recently myself and one I support with my clients.

It’s getting clear on what you’re willing to fight for. How you want to make this world better.

It’s getting conscious to everything that’s getting in the way (your fears, your past conditioning, your old neural pathways)

And it’s cultivating courage to live a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

It’s the hero’s journey that each one of us must take, for the betterment of our own lives.

And when we all take this road, it adds up to the betterment of our planet too.

Only you know if you are on this journey or not. But we’ve all seen Star Wars. We know how this works. There are some Jabba the Huts along the way.

Jumping into the ring of your life is messy. It’s uncomfortable. But we don’t need a shiny new car or a facial to get us through it.

We need real inner support tools.

Self -awareness, self compassion, resiliency, grit and courage. These are all things that can be practiced and trained.

Warriors always need to train for the battle of their lives. And everyday heroes need that too.

My dream is for each of us to jump into the ring.

To say yes to the invitations that are always coming. Those subtle whispers of wisdom, that say

“This is the way….”

“Do this…”

“Be this…

Saying yes won’t make for the comfortable life, but it will make for the exhilarating one.

And when you get to the end — when it’s time to wrap it all up — you’ll be lying there surrounded by friends and loved ones and able to say

“Yes. My life mattered. My life had meaning.”

If any of this makes any sense to you..

If you feel an aliveness in your belly, a knowing in your bones or a tingling in your skin, reach out. Send me a note or subscribe to my newsletter (more tools to come). Let’s create this new world together.

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