Why equality for women starts with increasing confidence.

For many women, confidence is not something we are born with.

It’s something we practice

That’s because for generations we have been conditioned to keep ourselves small, to keep our eyes downward, to let others take the lead and to quiet our voices.

We have been trained in summary to give up on ourselves.

Whether we like it or not, that cultural conditioning over generations, is ingrained in our psyches, our bodies, our soma and our unconscious, automatic behaviours.

It’s the reason why women speak up less in meetings, take up less physical space with their bodies and report feeling doubt almost twice as much as men.

There is still a conflict between what our heart wants and what our body tells us is safe. Between what our future holds and what our past has taught us.

Many of us override this.

We brazenly force ourselves to be bigger, to take the lead, to take up more space, but in the end we often end up either  feeling like imposters or riddled with anxiety.

My longing is for each of us women to find the courage to pursue our dreams without sending ourselves into nervous system breakdown along the way.

For each of us to step into our bolder and brighter potential without judging how we got there.

It’s only by examining our unconscious automatic habits that we can truly shift.

This is how we find true equality. Not my talking about it. By embodying it.

I don’t believe in fake it until you make it.

I believe in practice it until you become it and this is exactly the type of work I do with women through Embodied Confidence for Women.

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