What Will You Commit to Make Happen?

If your life feels “meh” maybe you’re not committed enough.

One of my favourite trainings was with the Strozzi Institute, a school of somatic coaching in California

A key aspect of their approach – and one I incorporate into my coaching practice – is the Declaration of a Commitment

A commitment is a deep promise you make to yourself, ideally aligned with your overall purpose and usually with a 9-12 month timeline.

A commitment is not a wish.

A commitment is not a “nice to have”

A commitment is something you are 100% going to make happen.

A commitment bears close resemblance to the Sanskrit term Sankalpa.

It is a vow and a rule to be followed before all other rules.

I love this definition because it acknowledges that conflict exists. That other rules – by way of limiting beliefs, old habits, other humans and outdated systems – will sometimes take you away from your commitment.

Your commitment is rule #1.

No matter the resistence that comes, or the number of times you get pulled away, your commitment is to find your way back again.

Your commitment supports your purpose.

It’s a milestone on your path to purpose – your broader calling which may take your entire life or lifetimes to fulfill.

Your commitment is stronger than an intention.

It’s not something you think about and release to the universe. It’s something you devote mental, physical energetic energy towards on a daily basis.

Your commitment takes awareness.

Because it has such a high level of devotion, you must take an extra duty of care to make sure your commitment is the right one.

It comes from your truth not your conditioning.

It comes from your heart not your head.

It comes from your wisdom not your logic.

It comes from your inner warrior not your inner critic.

It comes from your purpose not your fear.

Want to take a few steps to uncover yours?

  1. Ask yourself what you care about
  2. Identify what’s getting in the way
  3. Decide with conviction what you will change. Usually it’s something you’re willing to fight for or fight against.

Want to know mine?

I’m a commitment to dismantle systems of oppression and disconnection that live in me.

Feel like you’ve got a commitment you’re already working on? Awesome. Let me know. I’d love to hear it.

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