What is Spirit

My legs turn on to each other. One foot landing mere millimeters from where the other one just was, propelling my body forward. A rhythm that has me spend as much time suspended in the air as I do touching the ground. As close as we humans can get to feeling like a bird using our own limbs and musculature.

I breathe into movement, alignment, and inspiration. Space broadens my chest and expands my lungs.

I am free.

I’ve had what is in no doubt a transcendent experience, one that takes me out of the every day and connects me to something bigger. One we have all had at one point in our lives. When gazing at a sunset, or contemplating a work of art. In communion with friends, on a hike in the park or after a holiday choir sing.

If you’re human, you’ve had that feeling but what exactly is it?

I call it Spirit. And I believe that making time to connect with it daily can fuel your high potential.

What is Spirit

Social researcher Brene Brown provides a good start. To paraphrase her definition, Spirit is that thing that inextricably binds us all together and it is rooted in compassion and love. In Brown’s view, Spirit gives us access to a state of true belonging where we can be our most authentic and courageous selves.

In my experience, Spirit is also

  • A flow state – a state of consciousness described in books like FLOW and Superman Rising, where we can reach our full potential
  • A state beyond ego –  the fear, doubt and worry that live in our default mode network
  • A state of connection – a shift in our nervous systems out of fight, flight or shut down and into social engagement.

What Spirit Isn’t

I also know what spirit is not.

  • It is not shame
  • It is not punishment
  • It is not martyrdom
  • It’s not patriarchal traditions or dogma.

And it doesn’t live in austere buildings or through only the chosen few.

It is something accessible to all of us. And it’s something worth spending time on.

So I invite you to join me. I don’t have all the answers but I know I’ll get clues if I study the intersection of contemplative practices, neuroscience, and self experimentation. So that’s what I’ll be doing through this blog, my coaching and my newsletter.

Intrigued? Awesome. Let’s unpack this together.

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