What is Embodied Confidence?

Let’s pull it apart.

For the word EMBODIED, I like the definition used at the Strozzi Institute. These guys have been leaders in the world of somatic coaching for a while (Richard Strozzi Heckler – the founder- trained the US Army in the 80s) and and I was lucky enough to do a training with them last year.

According to Strozzi…

Something is embodied when it happens automatically, without too much effort, even under times of stress and pressure.

So driving a car is a classic example.

At first you had to really focus and concentrate on how to do it. You had to listen to your instructor, pay attention to how you were holding wheel and remind yourself when to move your foot from the gas to the brake pedal.

Now, after deliberate practice, you can hop in and drive away without too much effort. Even if you’re sick or tired or stressed about work, you’re still, in most cases, able to drive your car rather successfully.

For the word CONFIDENCE, I like the definition from the book the CONFIDENCE CODE. And what Katty Kay + Claire Shipman say, after consulting with dictionaries, researchers and scientists, is that:

Confidence is the stuff that turns thoughts into actions.

Confidence is beliefs and judgements about our self that translates into an ability to act and follow through.

When we put those two words together, what we get is a deeply ingrained, automatic ability to believe in self and follow through EVEN under times of stress and pressure.

Now Confidence is relational.

Sometimes we have it and sometimes we don’t depending on the situation or person we’re dealing with.

When I speak to women, they often tell me that they feel confident in low pressure situations. With close family at home or on a small work project. But suddenly if there’s a difficult person involved or a much bigger project at work, they lose that that ability to believe in self and follow through.

Doubt happens.

And it’s the things we truly care about that are going to make us second guess ourselves. That relationship we want, the book we want to write or business we want to start. These things come with stress and pressure.

This is what EMBODIED CONFIDENCE FOR WOMEN is all about – training ourselves to dig in and follow through even when the doubt is there and the pressure’s on. Because it’s at times like these that the real magic happens.

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