What I Learned at My Son’s Covid Graduation

Today, I attended my son’s grade 6 #covidgraduation

Man was it hard to receive and read the “future self” letter he wrote back in Sept 2019.

This was a self-scripted note he penned to a future version of himself. His rounded cursive writing full of hope and expectation – without any hint of the dashed dreams to come.

Will I play rugby?

Will I like grad?

Will I have fun on my grade 6 class trip?

Innocent, childhood questions that never got answered. Youthful expectations never fulfilled.

But rather than focus on what my son and his classmates aren’t getting from their graduation…

…I can’t help but think of what they aren’t getting in our world.

Sustainability, peace, equality. It seems to me like their hopes are being dashed in more ways than one.

There’s nothing I can do about grade 6. It’s come and gone, but those bigger issues?

I can’t be blind to them any longer.

Taking care of my kids means taking care of this planet.

And I’m ready for my full responsibilities here.

I’m imagining the “future self” letter my middle-aged son might want to read.

“Will I know peace?”

“Will my air be clean?”

“Will all people have access to health, prosperity, safety?”

And the answers I’ll work towards are “Yes, dear son. Yes.”

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