What Gangster Gardener Ron Finley Can Teach You About Purpose.

This is a video you need to watch

If you are, at all, interested in living a life of purpose, this short 2-minute video will teach you almost everything you need to know.

Watch it here first.

Then read the rest of this post.

Then watch it again.

What do you notice?

Ron starts off talking about turning a drawer into a garden. He promises to teach you how to grow your own food.

But that’s not all he’s talking about.

This magnetic man is talking about some big themes in this powerful video.

Gardening for Ron Finley is not just about growing food.


These are words he uses because purposeful people talk like that.

They see beyond the simple means of what they are doing. They see the bigger themes underneath.

What else did you notice?

The Gangster Gardner started gardening for himself without any idea what would happen from planting a strip in South Central Los Angeles.

Purpose works like that too. You have no idea where the path of purpose will take you. All you can do is TRUST and take the next best step.

Did you notice that Ron Finley draws connections between what he does and being of service?

Yes, he is planting food for himself, but he knows he is keeping food out of landfills contributing to the betterment of the planet too.

And did you hear him talk about life’s lessons through gardening?

He has learned to plant, sow and harvest his own food. But he also learned “there is no end to the bounty of mother nature. That there is enough for everybody.”

Purpose wows. Purpose teaches. Purpose expands and purpose enlivens. And purpose can be found in anything — gardening, parenting, building lego, running a company, writing a book.

Truly it does not matter what your purpose is. It just matters that you take steps to find it.

So, congratulations because by watching this short video you’ve already taken one-research proven step towards clarifying and living your own purpose.

In his research, psychologist Bill Damon, found that 100% of the purposeful humans he studied had at one point been inspired by another human who had already found purpose.

So make a daily habit of it.

Every day seek someone purposeful. Find them. Follow them. Learn about them. I promise you, this will give you inspiration and wisdom to one day do the same for others.

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