We are Feeling The Labour Pains of our Brand New World.

There is a massive (re)birth happening and we are feeling the labor pains.

Emily Fletcher

The above wise nugget landed in my inbox this week courtesy of Emily Fletcher from Ziva Meditation.

It made me think.

Having Birthed 4 Kids, I Know Labour Well

In my experience, there are always contractions (and expansion), a looong period of waiting, and a bloody show.

We want everything to be comfortable and certainly when I approached labour it was no different. I had my playlist picked out – Enya

– and my hospital bag packed – white, lavender candles.

I was planning for a serene, peaceful transitioning of new life into the world.

What I got instead was 40 hours of stop + go labour, back pain, a fever, and my daughter pulled out with the grips of a vaccuum.

The truth is there is nothing comfortable about labour, but

What Will Get us Through This Labour is the Same Thing That Got me Through Mine


Push in the direction of new life, especially when you have energy behind you.

And give yourself full permission to scream, cry, rage and throw shit at the wall along the way.

** Also find guides to help – a doctor, a midwife, a doula – someone who knows what they eff they’re doing.

Labour is Messy But We Find a Way Through It.

And the New Life That Comes After Always Makes Up For the Pain and Discomfort It Took To Get There.

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