The 5Ws of Leadership

To put it simply, a leader is someone who can create change.

A leader (WHO) is able to identify a clear vision (A WHAT), relate it to a purpose (A WHY), and develop practices and processes to follow through (HOW).

In my opinion, our current world requires all of us to take on some form of leadership now (WHEN). Particularly those of us in advantaged countries (WHERE), who have already secured our basic human needs for safety and food. We have a responsibility to examine all the ways we are blocked from taking on a leadership role.



A leader is a woman with a harsh “not good enough” inner voice who stands up and says no more, recruiting the strength of an inner leader to provide direction to the parts of her that are afraid.

A leader is a mom who holds a vision of love and togetherness for her family and does the daily practices of shared meals, family board game nights, technology-free Sunday afternoons that will lead to her envisioned tomorrow.

A leader is an employee who sees a client frustrated with poor delivery times and leads others to a solution of customer satisfaction and fulfilment rather than disappointment and stress.

A title does not make you a leader

A position does not make you a leader

The ability to imagine and create change is what makes you a leader.


What’s most exciting about leadership is not the outside change you make but who you become along the way. Leadership calls us to become who we were meant to be. Leadership doesn’t only transform our world, it transforms ourselves.

How do you find a vision to care about? How do you cultivate change? What gets in the way? Why is change so hard? What practices make it easier? Good questions. More info to come.

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