What is Spirit Hacking? Find life purpose, decrease anxiety and live your high potential.

Lately I’m pretty revved up about a new form of hacking I’ve stumbled upon.

Just like biohacking, spirit hacking uses research and self-experimentation, but rather than tweaking your physical body to bring about high performance, you’re experimenting with your level of consciousness.

What is Spirit Hacking?

Spirit Hacking is a set of deliberate practices based on research and self-experimentation to optimize your level of consciousness so that you can perform at your best. The optimal level of consciousness for spirit hackers is one where the individual is connected to the whole, a source of insight, compassionate love, and inspiration that fuels high performance in your everyday.

Who Can Spirit Hack? Can I?

Yes, it’s a practice available to everyone. Don’t believe me? Just remember the last time you were on holiday, gazing at a sunset filling your body with a warm golden glow. Or recall the last time you did a good deed and sensed a warm fuzzy feeling softening and opening your heart, connecting you to a feeling of something bigger.

Usually these spirit-filled moments happen sporadically and outside of your control. But they are a powerful tool to connect you with your most courageous + confident self.

And if you’ve had that feeling once, you can have it again. All you have to do is practice it.

When Can I Spirit Hack?

Whatever frequency works best for you, but ideally daily.

Where Can I Do it?

Anywhere you want. There are no rules. This is where you get to experiment but as a starting point, you’ll often find it in nature, in connection with others, through physical movement or creativity.

Why Should I do It?

Because we are getting enough signs that the way we are being ain’t no longer working. Because individually we are anxious, and lack connection with our life purpose and true self . Because collectively our world is wounded, our next generation is ungrounded and our educational, political and business ideologies and structures are in dire need of change.

Give it To Me. How Do I do It?

That’s the part we’ll explore together. Through this blog, we’ll dance and play at the intersection of

  • traditional contemplative practices
  • the latest research out of the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology, AND
  • self-experimentation and community dialogue. Together we’ll explore what works for us as individuals and share practices and habits so we can all learn together.

I’m in. What’s the Next Step?

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