Practice: How to Connect with Your Empowered Self

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in that part of the movie where the girl finds the new apartment, lands the big promotion and gets the cute guy. You know that montage of images that comes about three quarters into a big bag of popcorn, where against the backdrop of upbeat peppy music, you watch the main character overcome her greatest personal challenges and shift into a stronger version of herself. Mythologist Joseph Campbell would call this stage of the movie Reward or Seizing the Sword.

I feel like I’m in that part. My song would be something by Pink (maybe “I Am Here“) and my montage would show me going about my day parenting, working, running errands nurturing and loving myself rather than mentally and emotionally tearing myself down. Definitely wouldn’t make for riveting cinema, but it certainly makes for a much better way of life. After the past two years of morning runs, meditation and journaling, my persistently harsh inner voice has been largely replaced by self-love, self-acceptance, purpose and confidence.

Yup, it feels pretty good but I’ve seen enough movies to know that it ain’t over ’til it’s over. There is always that popcorn-spilling part near the very end where the creepiest villain comes out. After Reward or Seizing the Sword, Campbell warns of the Resurrection stage where the heroine has her most dangerous encounter with death and challenge.

In the working-mom-of-4-kids story of my life, Resurrection is unlikely to be anything too alarming but I’m still glad I have several tools to get me through the good times as well as the bad. One of my favourites is the Best/Future/Empowered Self Visualization that helps me connect with a visual, emotional and physical representation of who I long to become.

“Whatever we practice grows stronger. Profound change can happen over time with effort, repetition and deliberate focus.”

I’d love to share this practice with you! It can be found here (downloadable link) or here (streaming audio). Give it a try and let me know thoughts and qs! I encourage you to do it daily for two weeks and see what happens. Whatever we practice grows stronger. Profound change can happen over time with effort, repetition and deliberate focus.




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