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Message to Moms From Coronavirus: It’s Time to Unleash Your Inner Mama Bear

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As a mother, I’m feeling covid pretty hard right now.

The realization that this world is not fit to house my children (or their children).

The heavy sinking feeling that this planet won’t care for them the way it has for me.

Viruses, environmental degradation, economic imbalance resulting in a lack of freedom, education, safety.

We mothers have an extra special role to play.

We mothers, many of us who have been raised to stay small, can no longer afford to stay hidden in the shadows.

We must learn to overcome any conditioning that has quieted our voices, and kept our hands down.

What we are seeing is the result of 2000 years of patriarchy.

Left unchecked, feminine leadership would have led to a different but similar outcome.

This world needs balance.

And there is an opportunity now for us mothers to do what we always do best.
Stand up and fight for the wellbeing of our children and protect the home that they live in.

I don’t yet know what the solutions are but I know what the answer is.

Unleash the collective power of our inner mama bear.

Rage over what’s wrong.

Remind ourselves of our deep love for our children.

And harness that energy to fight for a better world for tomorrow.

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