Moms – It’s Time for a Promotion

Hey moms – happy moms day!

Can we just give ourselves props?

For being creators, nurturers and protectors of life? Truly I can think of no greater skillset needed on this planet right now than that one.

I think if there were a Chief Council of Planet Earth – that’s precisely what they would be hiring for.

Can you create, nurture and protect life?

Great. You’re hired.

What I’ve noticed, is that I’ve been keeping myself pretty low on the totem pole.

Limiting my life creating, nurturing and protecting ambitions to within the 4 walls of my home. Definitely, I’ve been guilty of helicopter parenting, overseeing every aspect of my children’s life from their social squabbles to their overbooked extra-curriculars.

I’ve been playing too small.

Hyper-focussing all my loving energy on my own babes until they’ve pushed back through eye-rolling, and refrains of “ok mom we get it.”

So, I’m thinking about giving myself a promotion. Expanding my life creating, giving and protecting energy to beyond the confines of the home I live in.

Seems like the world could use some nurturing and protecting right now. Not entirely sure what this looks like yet, but I I’m pretty sure it means slooooowing things down.

If I’m too busy to recycle things properly, maybe I’m too busy.

If I’m too focused on my own kid’s playdate problems to feel and care for a starving child on the other side of the world, maybe my priorities need a shift.

It’s not that I’ve been entirely blind to these things. I just haven’t been doing enough.

And I feel like I’m ready for a promotion.

Not just creator, nurturer and protector of my kids but creator, nurturer and protector of all living things.

Seems like there’s lot of work to do in that job. Life there’s a shuffle that needs to happen at the top.

DAD’s been running the show for a while. I think it’s time for MOM.

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