Learn the 5 Steps To Practice Intuition

Have you ever noticed that your mind gets stuck?

That there are some questions no pro + con list can seem to answer?

I remember being in my twenties, having just finished my MBA, and trying to decide which bank I wanted to work. I must have done 50 pro and con lists each espousing the benefits of Bank A vs Bank B. But no matter how hard I thought, I always found myself back at the same dead end.

Mind fried, energy depleted and no clear answer.

I was exhausting a lot of mental energy but not getting anywhere.

Had I known about the practice I’m about to share with you, I might have come to a quicker and clearer answer. That it really didn’t matter which bank I chose, a career in banking wasn’t the right answer for me in the first place.

In my experience as a coach and human, our cognitive mind is not well designed to answer life’s bigger questions. For the most important questions, “What’s my purpose?”, “what brings me fulfillment?”, and “how can I be of service?”, we need to bypass our brain and recruit intuition and wisdom instead.

Here’s how:

Practice Intuition – A Step by Step Guide

Here are the 5 steps to practice intuition and cultivate greater wisdom in your life.

Step 1: Ask

Get clear on a question you’d like to answer. Try to be as specific as possible. Powerful questions include “What would bring me fulfillment?” Or “What do I need to learn from this?” or “What choice should I make?”

Step 2: Sit

Find a quiet space and sit comfortably for 5 – 10 minutes. Take a few deep breaths and ask your question. Ask with curiosity and sit with full anticipation that the answer will come.

Step 3: Listen

Listen to wisdom. Know that wisdom speaks differently then your cognitive mind. It doesn’t use clear sentences or drill things into us. Instead it whispers through sensations, images, feelings and synchronicity. Read this blog to learn what to listen for.

Step 4: Wait

Know that wisdom and intuition can take a little longer to answer. If you didn’t get anything while sitting that’s ok. Over the next day or two continue to repeat the question quietly and notice what sensations, images and feelings come up for you.

Step 5: Act

Once you’ve received a message from wisdom, take one step, one action in the real world in alignment with what you’ve learned. The more you act on intuition, the more it will speak to you.

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