I’m Up For Creating This New World. Are You?

Let’s just acknowledge that we are living in a totally different world than we were 3 months ago.

Covid-19 and the BLM movement have brought both upheaval and instability as well as the realization that the economic, political, financial, healthcare, educational, social systems that support us are in need of a reboot.

Change needs to happen.

Change is scary.

If you are like the other humans I’m speaking to, you are feeling overwhelmed. The truth is we no longer have the safety of the predictable world. We have the instability of the unpredictable one.

And uncertainty, volatility and complexity are here to stay,

As humans, we don’t like that. Believe me, I know! I’ve got 4 kids. I’ve been dealing with chaos for a while!!

But, I also believe, it is not only possible to cope with complexity but to THRIVE in it. I believe that the challenges we see in our outside world today will bring about our full potential – not only as individuals but as a human race.

This is my passion. My sweetspot. My obsession.

How can we learn to adapt to the complexity of the outside world.

What skills do we need?

You see, we can no longer approach things like we did in the predictable world.

In the predictable world, we could

See tiger. Run. Repeat.

In the unpredictable word, that no longer works. Instead, we need to:

See tiger.

Get curious about tiger.

Explore different options.

Ask other people what they think about the tiger.

Re-evaluate and shift as we go.

And every time we see the tiger, we need to do the exact same thing.

The simple world is built on unconscious, automatic habits

The complex world is built on mindful awareness and conscious choice.

We need what Viktor Frankl calls the pause between stimulus and response.

We need to train things differently. We need to practice a new way of perceiving, responding and relating in our complex world. We require

  1. Leadership Presence: The model of one man at the top figuring this out is long gone (someone tell Trump please!!!). We need all humans empowered, all humans doing their part, fully engaged, fully aware. Leadership ALWAYS starts with yourself. You must learn to lead yourself before you can lead others. You must get clear on your own vision, your own blind-spots, your own areas for growth before you can rally others.
  2. Diversity + Collaboration: We need different perspectives. The truth is a woman and a man will see the tiger differently. A white person and an indigenous person will see the tiger differently. We need that diversity of perspectives to help us address the complexity. And we need self-awareness and empathy to be able to embrace perspectives that may not match our own.
  3. Stress Resiliency: Just acknowledge that not being able to predict is going to stress us out. When we don’t have the answers, it’s scary. Uncertainty is going to cause our nervous systems to go all a flutter. We need tools to bring ourselves back to grounded calm. We need to understand how our nervous systems work. We need compassion for ourselves during change. And we need to expand our capacity to be with the discomfort of instability.

What do you think? I’d love to hear it. Let me know if I’ve missed anything because the other thing that works in an unpredictable world is to test and learn as you go. To throw things out there and seek feedback. Drop me a line if you’d like to exchange ideas and co-create this new world together.

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