What are you becoming this year?

What are you practicing and where will it take you?

Inspired by Michelle Obama, I’m using this post to share what I’m becoming.

The truth is we are always becoming something.

It’s just a matter of whether we’re aware of it.

For years I was becoming someone who let fear run her life. Who let the need for self-preservation and protection override her need for self-actualization and fulfillment.

This year I’m taking on my biggest challenge.

Becoming something that has me face my biggest fear – the one that I’ve been trying to avoid since early childhood.

This is the monster under my bed. The one that’s been responsible for controlling eeeeeeeeverything.

I’ve had a long relationship with this trickster. I see now he’s always been there. But I haven’t always known it.

First I was unaware.

Then I was aware but unable to choose something else.

Now I’m aware and able to choose something new.

So what am I becoming?

This year I am becoming someone who risks the possibility of rejection in service of the life I want to lead.

For some that might sound easy, but for me, my whole life has been oriented around the opposite. In many ways, I’ve avoided the possibility of rejection to keep me safe from the pain of unbelonging.

And while that served me for a while, now I see it’s keeping me in a box and away from the life I want to lead.

So in service of something bigger…

In service of a greater vision I have. In service of the world I want to live in and the life of connection, impact and meaning I want to lead I am risking rejection.

I’ll write blog posts that might get “meh” responses and put out videos that might only get a couple of likes. I’ll pitch workshops that may not fly and make requests no one responds to. And the next day I’ll get up and do it again.

In doing this I’m facing both my biggest fear and dancing with the possibility of liberation. It’s both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

Which means I’m on to something.

What are you on to this year?

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