How to Use Yoga to Connect With Your Most Empowered Self

Let’s be real. You know having mental practices like meditation, journaling and visualization are good for you, but it’s hard adding more on to your already full plate. You’re busy. And trying to add more stuff in and not having time to follow through just makes you feel extra guilt you don’t need in your life. I say eff that. Here’s a way to get out of that mess:

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Aim for embedded practices rather than extra practices

Think about embedding practices into your day rather than adding more in.

I recently spent two years having the discipline of a monk. Nearly every day, I woke up early, meditated, journaled, and ran mindfully. It was a 2 hour daily routine that supported me during a period when I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and needed to understand why.

Now I’m on the other side of a whole lot of learning and ready for action! I’m focussed on getting stuff done (like this blog post), yet I know how important mental habits are for me. So instead of adding in extra practice like I did in 2017/2018, this year I’m focused on embedding practices throughout my day. Sneaking in time for mental habits into the activities I’m already doing.

Embedded practices rock

Because embedded practices fit into what you are doing already, they are often easier to adopt. They also come with already built in cues and triggers which also increase adoption rates.

I embed mental practices all over my day but one of my favourite ways to do it is with my yoga practice (I also do it during running. More to come on this in a later post).

There are lots of different ways to embed mental habits into your yoga practice. I’ve played with sneaking in compassion, gratitude, goal setting and more but one of my favourite practices is to use yoga as a way to connect with my Empowered Self.

Practice feeling empowered as you flow

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

At the beginning of every class, I use Samasthiti to connect in with an image of what’s important to me and what I’m working towards. I take a moment to really feel it in my body and connect with it in on a visceral, emotional level.

For those of you who do yoga, Samasthiti comes up often. So every time I hit the top of the mat, pow!, Is another chance to reconnect with what I’m working on.

Lately I’m playing with carrying my Most Empowered Self throughout my practice. What does it feel like to move from a place of empowerment? To flow through sun A, to stand in warrior, to surrender in child pose? I practice moving from My Best, Most Empowered Self and for 60 minutes I get to deepen neural pathways associated with her. I move like she would move. I feel like she would feel. I stand like she would stand.

Keep practicing throughout your day

Then I bring it with me after class. I stay connected with her throughout my day.

My yoga practice is preparation for my real life. Yoga is a way for me to practice connecting with my Empowered Self when the pressure is off. It’s like lifting a 5 lb weight. I always train first with low resistance!

Increasingly I am able to access my empowered self even when the pressure is on, when the kids are acting up, or when I’m facing a work goal that scares me.

Join me at Embodied Confidence to learn more

If any of this resonates with you I encourage you to join me at Embodied Confidence for Women at Afterglow Studio on February 6, 7-9:30PM. The workshop will be great for you if:

  • You struggle with feeling confident. You aren’t always on your own team and want 2019 to be different.
  • You practice yoga already or are looking to begin a yoga practice
  • You are a busy mom, corporate-ladder-climber, business owner or community-giver and don’t have a lot of time to add extra stuff in. You want practices that fit into what you are already doing.

Ping me for details or sign up here!

Would love to see you there!

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