How to stop second-guessing yourself and live your best life.

We women are a pretty awesome bunch. Our natural ability is to create and manifest. Think about it. All of us are born with the innate capability to grow a tiny speck of possibility into a fully developed newborn babe. That creative energy is a superpower! We can turn the potential into the physical.

Thankfully we are able to create babies without us having to think much about it. If my brain had been able to get involved in the making of my four babes, I certainly would have made a mess of it. “Maybe this isn’t a good idea. Maybe I’m not meant to create this. Maybe I should put this eye over there and that leg here?”

Perfectionism destroys our confidence.

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes! We are prone to perfectionism and second- guessing. We doubt our own wisdom and distrust the creative inspirations we receive. We do so much to keep ourselves stuck.

And all that stuckness destroys our confidence. In the Confidence Code, authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, say that “Simply put, a woman’s brain is not her friend when it comes to confidence. We think too much and we think about the wrong things. Thinking harder and harder and harder won’t solve our issues. It won’t make us more confident, and it most certainly freezes decision making, not to mention action.”

So what’s the way out?

When in doubt, take action.

Motivational speaker Mel Robbins says we have 5 seconds between receiving an inspiring idea and talking ourselves out of it. 5 seconds!!! That’s not a long time. We need mindfulness to notice our ideas and then courage to act quickly before our mind talks ourselves out of it.

There’s good news

The exciting research from neuroscience is that, no matter how ingrained old habits are, we always have the ability to change our brain. With enough repetition and practice we can release what’s no longer working and start to build new habits.

Ready to increase confidence, stop doubting yourself, have more mental clarity and live the life of your dreams?

Here’s a practice to try today

Over the next 7 days challenge yourself to act on your intuition. Start with the small stuff. What should I make for dinner. What should I wear to work? Go with your first instinct. Then work up to blurting your ideas, sharing your thoughts in a meeting. Speak your voice. Make decisions. Listen to your gut and train yourself to act before the doubt sets in!

Of course, in life there are no guarantees. You might not always get it right but you’ll learn to deal with things when they go wrong. And that will lead to greater confidence, greater knowledge, a greater way of living.

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