How Do You Find Your True Self?

Does anyone remember this scene in Moana?

The one at the end where Moana sings to Te Ka. The fiery lava goddess who is angry, unwieldy and battling against the world?

Moana looks at her and sings “I have crossed the horizon to find you. This is not who you are… Who you truly are.”

That scene gets me every time. The first time I watched it, I didn’t quite know why. All I knew is that I was a mess of tears on the couch, watching beside my popcorn-covered kids. All of them looking at me with curious eyes not quite getting what I was blubbering on about.

What I know now is that scene applies to every single one of us.

The truth is that – like Te Ka – many of us have been taken away from ourselves.

Our true selves.

We are cloaked in emotions like fear or anger, masked by mental patterns like rumination, or inner critical thinking and driven by old survival-based neural patterns that do not reflect the truth of who we are.

I know this because I lived this way for years.

Always feeling like there was a calmer, more confident and connected part of me wanting to get out. A part of me that was wise, loving, aware and able to choose the best response.

I think if you’re honest with yourself you feel that way too.

That there’s a deeper, wiser part of you that you can sometimes access, but are often disconnected from.

My goal as a coach is to connect as many humans as possible with their TRUE SELVES and their PURPOSE and to support them as they live life in this awake and courageous way.

Yesterday on a podcast with psychologist Richard Schwarz, I heard a description of the TRUE SELF that made my jaw drop to the floor. I was shocked because the description Schwartz gave is exactly the same one I had discovered through my own inner and client work.

A self that is confident, calm, curious, compassionate, courageous, creative, connected, and clear on who they are.

These are the exact Cs I help people connect with in both Full Potential Coaching and Embodied Confidence for Women.

The truth of who you are is already inside.

If you can’t connect with these 8 qualities yet, there is a path to get there. And my guess is that your life is already giving you signs that the time is now.

If any of this makes sense to you and you’re up for a change, drop me a line. I’d love to help.

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