Get Courageous: One Tool to Help Women Grow Their Confidence

In their insightful and inspiring book, The Confidence Code, writers Katty Kay and Claire Shipman give one piece of advice that really sticks out.

When in doubt, act.

Still today, we women consistently speak up less in meetings, underestimate our own abilities and take fewer risks.

In short, we women have been trained to doubt ourselves and to give in to that doubt.

In order to grow our confidence, we need to train the opposite. We need to practice listening to and acting on our courageous self.

Here is my favourite way to do it.

The Courage Calendar

What we practice grows stronger. One of the reasons we women lack confidence is because we’ve been practicing giving into our doubt.

If we want to grow courage we need to practice it. Ideally, daily and through lots of repetitions.

On the first day of each month, I print out this Courage Calendar. Every morning, I identify one courageous act I want to take that’s aligned with my purpose and my goals.

When I follow through, I get a sticker. Yes, a sticker. I know it seems like I’m back in elementary school, but visual tools are really great at giving us a dopamine boost that reinforces our ability to build new habits.

Want to give it a try?

  • Grab some stickers from the dollar store
  • Download this calendar here
  • Set aside time each morning to identify your daily act of courage. Write it on the calendar
  • Give yourself a sticker when you follow through. If possible try to keep the calendar with you and give yourself a sticker as soon as you follow through. Our body likes immediate rewards. But if you can’t sticker yourself until the end of the day, that works too.

I promise you will love watching all those stickers add up.


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