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Finding Your Purpose: One exercise to tap into your creative brain.

Finding your purpose is a lot like getting married.

Down the road, when the time is right, hopefully you meet someone that’s worth committing your lifetime to.

But it always works best if you start with dating first. Have fun, be open, explore a few different options. And for everyone’s sanity, don’t put too much pressure on that first date!

Unfortunately, however, when it comes to finding your purpose, many people hesitate to even go out on the first date.

And that timidity keeps us from living our best life, making our full contribution and being an inspiration to others.

And the truth is our world desperately needs that right now. All of us, lit up, on purpose, doing our best to make this planet better.

As a coach, I encourage clients to “date often” to figure out their purpose. We explore everything and work on exercises that tap into mind, body and soul.

Here’s one that uses our creative and subconscious side.

Dear Purpose

This a stream of consciousness journaling exercise. If you aren’t familiar with this type of journaling, there are a few rules:

  • Write without stopping. Keep the pen moving
  • Use pen and paper. Your hand taps into an intuitive wisdom that the keyboard doesn’t.
  • No censoring. Write whatever comes to mind. You can rip it up later.
  • Set a timer and write for ten minutes.
  • Find a quiet place where you can write without interruption.

Basically just sit down and write a letter to purpose.

Write freely. Write courageously.

Say everything you want to say.

For ten minutes. No interruptions. Speak to purpose as though it’s listening.

It is.

If purpose wants so speak back, let it.

Give it a voice and a microphone.

Start now. Start here.

“Dear Purpose…” Go.

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