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28 Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp Service Offering

What is the 28 Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp?

The 28 Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp is a self-directed online coaching program blending cutting edge neuroscience with practical mind-body exercises to help you shift from doubt to confidence and courage.

The 28 Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp is educational. It teaches you a step-by-step process to help you embody greater confidence and rewire new confident pathways. Your progress in the program depends entirely on your level of commitment to learning the content and following through on the exercises.

What is included?

8 Confidence Lessons

  • Science of Becoming
  • Your Body is the Way
  • What You Seek is Inside
  • Awareness = Choice
  • The Power of Self Compassion
  • Our Collective Conditioning
  • The Science of Change
  • Your Confidence Roadmap 

18 Neuroscience-based Confidence Practices

  • Centered Body
  • Centered Breath + Awareness
  • Follow Your Intuition
  • Hand to Belly
  • Heart Sensing
  • Care in Action
  • Centering in Care
  • Confidence Daily Audit
  • Doubt Habits Checklist
  • Intention Reset
  • The Power of Self Compassion
  • Self Compassion Circuit
  • Embodied Doubt Worksheet
  • Doubt Conditioning Worksheet
  • Power of the Pause Visualization
  • Expanding Resiliency Through Box Breath
  • Courageous Choice Template
  • Your Confidence Commitment
  • Pride Push-ups

3  BONUS Exercises

  • Set Your Intention Video
  • Habit Tracker PDF
  • Commitment Journaling Prompts PDF


What support is available?

•       As part of the program you will have unlimited email access to Liz at info@lizdoyleharmer.com for the duration of the program.

•       You will also have lifetime access to the content.

Can I get a refund?

•       Due to the digital nature of the course no refunds are offered.

When does the course start?

•       The course is available to start right away, as soon as you register, and registration is always open!

Please note this content is for your eyes only! A great deal of time, effort, experience and research was put into the development of the program. Please do not share your login or password with others.

Thank you for your interest in this online program. If you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to reach us at info@lizdoyleharmer.com

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