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Because confidence gives you the power to pursue your ideas, overcome doubt, amplify your voice, and let yourself be heard.

Because even in 2020 we say that women can do ANYTHING, but many of us still struggle to actually believe this for ourselves.

Because, when asked who gets to take up space in this world, 4-year-old boys and 4-year-old girls were both reported saying “only men do.”

Because, until every one of us is able to feel and model confidence and courage there is still more work to do.




The 28 Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp for Women is an online, self-directed coaching program to help you shift from doubt to your most confident, courageous self.

ECBC recruits both cognitive and embodied learning to help you rewire new confidence-based neural pathways and habits. About 25-50% of your confidence level is determined by your genes while the remaining 50-75% is determined by what you do. The 28 Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp helps you focus on what you can do to alter your confidence levels.

Every day for 28 days you will receive, via email, a confidence-boosting, mind-body drill including:

  • Easy-to-follow, research-based audio exercises and somatic practices to help you embody greater confidence.
  • Simple, powerful lessons explaining the neuroscience behind how to build new confidence-based neural pathways in the brain.
  • Vital embodiment science that explains how you’ve developed bio-behavioural blind spots (everyone has them) that keep you stuck where you are.
  • Practices and theory to help you cultivate greater confidence, resilience and courage from within.
  • Email support from Liz throughout the duration of the program.




second guessing yourself

imposter syndrome

giving up

starting projects and then stopping

busyness and overscheduling

overachieving yet never feeling good enough

a harsh inner critic

not trusting yourself

an inability to turn dreams into action


feeling stuck


blaming and resenting others for their success


Centered Calm

The ability to calm and ground yourself during times of challenge and unease.


The ability to shift from doubt and second-guessing to confident action and follow through.


A deep connection with who you truly are. A profound knowing of what’s important to you and the ability to trust your own wisdom.


Access to self-compassion and the ability to support yourself during times of set-back and failure.


A better understanding of yourself. The ability to recognize when you are falling into doubt and giving up on yourself. 


A strong commitment to goals and the drive to get back up and keep going.




8 Neurobiology of Change + Confidence Theory Lessons.

The cognitive brain relies on theory and science to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Once you learn how to build new confidence neural pathways you will be more apt to put that learning into practice.

Lesson 1

The Science of Becoming: Understand how you have become the person you are today and why automaticity is both an impediment and a pathway to the practice of confidence. practice.

Lesson 4

Awareness = Choice. Learn how awareness leads to freedom and the ability to shift from doubtful reacting to confident choice.

Lesson 2

Your Body is the Way: Learn how incongruence keeps you away from confidence and how somatic practice can lead you back again.

Lesson 5

The Power of Self Compassion: Learn the 3 steps of this life-changing practice.

Lesson 3

The Confidence You Seek is Inside: Learn the three ways of Perceiving and Knowing, important keys to help you get clear on who you are and what you care about.

Lesson 6

Our Collective Conditioning: Learn about the Sites of Shaping model and find compassion for the collective conditioning that has affected us all. 

Lesson 7

The Science of Change: Learn how to create new neural pathways for confidence and embodied habits through deliberate practice.

Lesson 8

Your Confidence Roadmap: Learn how to keep practicing confidence after the program ends. Select from six Essential Confidence Practices and design a confidence workout just for you. 


18 Confidence Practices

You are what you practice. Through the following exercises, you will learn about old habits that take you away from your confidence (don’t worry, we all have them) and cultivate new habits to create the courageous life you want. 

Centered Body: Learn to use your body to ground and support you in times of unease. 

Follow Your Intuition:  If you second guess yourself often, then this one’s for you! A practice to help you cultivate intuition and trust in self

Heart Sensing: A powerful practice to find clarity. True confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you care about

Care in Action: Consciously act in alignment with what you care about

Identifying Doubt Habits: Learn a powerful tool to recognize how you comfort yourself when you give into your doubt

Doubt Happens: A life-changing tool to help you develop awareness of when you give up on yourself

Compassion in Action: Learn to use compassion in action

Courage Visualization: Learn how to shift from doubt to confidence. Practice taking courageous action aligned with what you care about

Pride Push-ups: Practice giving yourself props (so many women struggle with this) so that you can recruit the confidence-boosting power of serotonin.

Centered Breath: Use your breath to come back to centered calm and confidence 

Hand to Belly: A simple practice to teach you about interoception

Centering in Care: Practice alignment between confident body, mind and soul

Embedding practice: Learn how to increase frequency of practice by making it easy

Confidence Daily Audit: With awareness comes the power to change! Gain awareness of when you lose connection with your confident, resilient centre.

Self-Compassion Circuit: A powerful practice to cultivate self-love

Sites of Shaping: An exercise every person to do. Gain compassion for yourself by understanding how you have been conditioned

Expanding Resiliency Through Box Breath: A simple yet powerful practice to train courage and resiliency.

Confident Commitment: Declare what you will work towards after the program ends. Create a personalized roadmap to help you continue to embody confidence


  • Set Your Intention (audio): It’s time to understand what intention setting truly means and learn how to set a confidence intention.
  • Hack your Habit Hormones (video): Learn how to create new habits that recruit the powers of dopamine and serotonin so that you can experience lasting change.
  • Habit Tracker (PDF): a handy document to help you track your confidence habits.


I have evolved and am able to deal with challenges with a certain level of ease and calm. I wanted to send my gratitude to you. What you do is truly amazing and the world needs your gifts now more than ever

— Leslie

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your practices. It helps to know that there are others out there wrestling with the same thing

— Andrea



If you feel like there’s a stronger, more confident version of you wanting to come out, there is. 

There is a true mental, emotional, physical and energetic cost to not living the full courageous life you were designed to live.

Now is the time. Your confident self is waiting for you.

Message From Liz

My dream is for every woman to know her own power. I believe that when this happens we will change the world. 

What we have now is a world out of balance. A world built on masculine ideas and leadership which no longer works. We need feminine qualities and leadership to bring about a healthier more sustainable world. This means not only lifting women up and giving them the ability to believe in themselves, but also honouring the feminine qualities that live in all humans and shifting towards a world built on collaboration, nurturing, creativity and curiosity. 

Deep inside every one of us is a dream and a vision that in some way contributes to balance in this world. Even if you don’t think you’re here to play a role in this, you are. You having the confidence to BE YOU and pursue what’s meaningful to you has a ripple effect. It changes how you show up in your family, community, and career. And it inspires others to do the same. Multiplied by many it creates magic in this world that transforms everything.

I know first-hand the pain of not living a life aligned with who you are. Speaking personally, I now believe I was born confident but that cultural conditioning and life events took me away from the truth of who I was. I lived for a long time giving into doubt, second-guessing my own wisdom, striving towards the impossible measure of perfectionism and then criticizing myself when I could never meet that unattainable goal. 

The practices I teach you in this program have worked for me and the clients I work with. No matter where you think you are starting from, the potential for confidence already lives inside. All you need to do is practice it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to put in?

You will need approximately 10-20 minutes per day to complete the program. If it gets to be too much you can always slow down the program and skip a day. Remember you have access to the program for life. You can go through the content as fast or as slow as you want to.

Will I always have access to the program material?

Yes, it’s yours for life!

Will I be 100% confident after the 28 days?

Training confidence can take time. This is why I will help you create a personalized roadmap to confidence after the program ends. You may not be 100% confident at the end of the program but you will 100% understand the path you can follow to get there.

What kinds of practices are these anyway?

As a somatic coach I work with body, heart and mind to create change. As such the practices are a mix of visualizations, cognitive exercises, somatic practices (essentially mind-body meditations) and confident actions (we’ll do it in baby steps) that you will take in your real life. 

When does this course start?

Anytime. It’s delivered virtually so sign up now and start whenever it works for you

What if I have trauma? Will this program work?

If you suspect you have trauma this program can help contribute to your healing but will not address everything. I encourage you to find a trauma healer that can help support you. 

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy? 

Both are excellent avenues to support change. Where coaching excels is in creating a clear roadmap towards a desired change and in identify daily habits to create the life you want. We call this matching your DOING with your BEING and it’s a very powerful way to live your life. 

What is your refund policy?

Because of the digital nature of this program there are no refunds. However if you are unsatisfied please reach out to set up a complimentary 30 minute coaching call (a $125 value). I 100% stand behind the quality of this program and know that together we can figure out how to make it work for you. 

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