Do You Need a Coach? 20 Signs That You’re Ready For Coaching

I’ll be the first to admit it.

Compared to food, or water or shelter, coaching doesn’t seem essential.

Truthfully it doesn’t take care of the basic needs that keep us physically alive, those lower down on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs– the things we would literally die without. Coaching doesn’t address those.

And if you look at things that way, coaching can seem like a luxury. Like something not worth investing in.

Except that your life – the one you are living right now – is the greatest asset you have.

Your most precious resource. Because, unless you know something I don’t, you only get one of them. You only get one chance for you to be who you are today, with the people in your life you call your family and the purpose in your heart that fills your soul. There’s one shot to make the best of those things.

And many of us aren’t making good use of it.

Only 38% of us feel fulfilled at work.

And according to Bonnie Ware an Australian palliative nurse and author of Regrets of the Dying, many of us die with regrets of not having fully lived.

Ask yourself honestly.

Are you on a path of meaning? Are you living authentically with who you truly are? Are you making time for what matters?

If not, take some step towards changing things. Try it on your own. Partner up with a friend and support each other in creating a life of meaning and fulfillment. You can begin some of this work on your own.

My experience – both personal and professional however is that change is difficult. For a number of evolutionary reasons our bodies and brains were designed to support the status quo, to maintain homeostasis. Our neural pathways and our habits are bathed in resistance.

It’s normal to have struggle when you are trying to change something. Below are a few signs that you might need a coach to help:

Do You Need a Coach? 20 Signs That You’re Ready for Coaching

  • You set goals for yourself but have a hard time following through
  • There’s a habit you want to break but keep finding yourself falling back into old patterns
  • You’re not sure what you want but you know it’s “not this.”
  • You want to have a greater impact
  • You want to make this world better but aren’t sure how
  • You want to be a leader
  • You have a big vision that scares you
  • You feel like there’s something bigger, but you aren’t yet sure what it is
  • Something keeps getting in the way of you moving forward and you can’t figure it out
  • You’re confused about what you want
  • You want to be a role model, for your kids, in your family, in your community
  • There’s a big project you want to start but you find yourself procrastinating
  • You second guess yourself a lot
  • You want to live with purpose
  • You’re engaging a lot in comfort habits – shopping when you don’t need things. Eating when you aren’t hungry. Watching more tv or checking social media more than you want to.
  • You regularly analyze yourself into paralysis
  • You complain a lot or blame others
  • You feel stuck
  • You feel dull inside. Your body’s alive, heart beating, lungs pumping but energetically you feel dim or lackluster.
  • You know there’s more and you’re ready to make a change

So yes it’s true.

Coaching doesn’t take care of the basic essential needs that keep you physically alive. But it does support the things such as purpose, fulfillment, and courage that make you mentally, emotionally. energetically alive.

We’re focussed on Maslow’s level 5 – Self actualization. Where your full potential lives. Your desire to become the most that you can be.

If you’re ready for that, call me.

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