For Women

Life is hard

You start off the day, month, year with goals, ambitions and a vision of what you want. But a few days or weeks in you find yourself hesitating, procrastinating, making another to-do list or otherwise letting fear and doubt lead the way. Add to that the stress of work, the chaos of raising children, financial woes or difficult relationships and it’s hard to stay focused on what’s important. It’s hard to move forward.

You find yourself stuck, back where you started, unable to make a shift. You feel like there is some inner strength you can’t access or a more powerful version of yourself you can’t reach. She’s buried under layers of doubt and busyness.

If you’re feeling the above you aren’t alone.

Here’s the truth: change is possible. There is a way to connect with a greater source of clarity, courage and confidence. There’s a way to connect with you…

Who is Liz

Turns out some of us are naturally born more confident than others. These lucky people make better use of serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine and lead calmer, less anxious, more optimistic, greater risk-taking lives. These people are uber lucky indeed and I am not one of them.

For years, I lived with a harsh inner critical voice that had me living in self-doubt, perfectionism, procrastination and fear. I still managed to get things done. I got a university degree and an MBA. I started a family and a business but my days were marked by stress and anxiety. I got through but always felt frazzled, burned out, emotionally beaten up and depleted by the end.

I also knew there was a lot I wasn’t putting my hand up for. A lot of times I was opting out or choosing to stay quiet. A lot of ideas I didn’t follow through on. A lot of possibilities I was too afraid to explore.

I created this program for all women who are tired of letting lack of confidence lead their lives. In giving in to doubt, we not only rob ourselves of a life of joy, fun and connection but we also rob our families, our communities, our planet (which is in desperate need of everyone’s full focus right now) of our talent and ideas.


What You Get

Over 6 weeks, you’ll

  • Get Clear: Identify what matters to you and what you care about.
  • Get Centered: Learn how to center yourself in who you are.
  • Get Connected: Learn how to extend your presence and communicate with others.
  • Get Conscious: Get familiar with your own personal patterns. Learn to recognize when you are moving away from confidence.
  • Get Courageous: Use compassion and curiosity to further develop self- awareness. Learn ways to make a courageous choice.
  • Get Committed: Set your focus, declare what you want and identify your sources of inspiration to keep you on the path of confidence after the workshop ends.

This Program is for you if

  • You get side-tracked and overwhelmed by negative thinking and self-talk.
  • You get ungrounded, off-centered and lose your ability to stay connected to what you care about.
  • You set goals but don’t follow through. You lose your ability to take action aligned with who you are.
  • You put other people’s needs above your own and take on more than you need.
  • You feel disconnected from purpose.
  • You lack enthusiasm for life. You feel like there’s something else bigger out there but haven’t been able to connect with it yet.
  • You are afraid to speak up, to share your voice, to let yourself be seen and heard.
  • You are prone to self-doubt, overthinking, perfectionism, martyrdom, second-guessing, and other patterns that keep you stuck.

Program Features

  • 6 weeks of recorded webinars (30 – 45 minutes each)
  • 6 weeks of group coaching calls (45 minutes each).
  • Unlimited email and text support access during the coaching period
  • Access to the Confidence Mastermind Facebook Community
  • FREE: Lifetime access to all visualizations, meditations, exercises