Confidence for Women: 30 ways to become bolder and braver.

We know the stats. There is still work to do.

Confidence is something all of us women need more of. Here’s a laundry list of ways to become bolder and braver based on my experience cultivating confidence in my own life and also with my coaching clients.

Pick one or do them all. Any one of them has the capacity to be life-changing.

  • Uncover what you care about. Write it all out. Connecting with your care will motivate you.
  • Find your purpose and do everything to live a life aligned with it. Allow your purpose to become your backbone.
  • Give yourself permission to dream.
  • Stop telling yourself that you should just be grateful. There is a difference between ingratitude and dissatisfaction and it’s ok to take steps to increase your satisfaction in life. In fact its more than ok. It’s required.
  • Allow yourself to feel. Drop into your body daily, multiple times per day and make space for what already lives there.
  • Act before things are perfect.
  • Stop second guessing yourself.
  • Identify what confidence feels like in your body. Practice connecting with that feeling every day. Multiple times per day.
  • Practice self love and self compassion.
  • Practice one act of courage every single day.
  • Check in with your heart area every single day. Sense the front, the sides and the back of your heart. Notice if it feels open or blocked. See if you can add some softness.
  • Take up more space. With your body. Uncross your legs and your arms. Stop making yourself physically small. Know that keeping your body physically small limits your mental and emotional space too.
  • Look up. With your eyes. Shift your gaze to the horizon or even upward. Take it all in. Notice if that’s where you normally look or whether you have a tendency to keep your gaze downward.
  • Set boundaries. Learn to shield yourself from inner and outer voices and influences that no longer serve you.
  • Observe how you respond to stress. By design, this happens automatically and unconsciously. Your default stress response may or may not be serving you.
  • Feel the soles of your feet on the ground. Let the physical earth beneath you support your body, mind and soul.
  • Journal about your past. It’s a pathway to purpose.
  • Write about your future. There is always something calling to you.
  • Feel your pain and your anger. Your motivation lives there.
  • Feel your care. That’s where you’ll find your courage.
  • Give up on martyrdom – stop telling yourself that the way to happiness is through sacrifice.
  • Include your care for others without sacrificing your own needs and values.
  • Feel your grief over all the times you’ve let doubt take you away from who you truly are.
  • Forgive your mother. She was shaped by a patriarchal world.
  • Forgive yourself. You were too.
  • Create the world you want for your daughter. And your son.
  • Learn how patriarchy shows up in your spousal relationship. Create a commitment to cultivate equality where it matters most. At home.
  • Read and learn about inspiring female leaders. Let their stories inspire yours.
  • Know how your doubt, your fear shows up in your body and your thoughts. Learn to recognize it and develop practices to shift from fear to confidence.
  • Never give up

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