You Get One Chance To Make It Happen

You know this already.

But there is a world of difference between KNOWING you only have one life to live and LIVING as though you only have one life to live.

Only you know whether you are making the most of YOUR LIFE and only you can DECIDE whether you want to take the extra step.

Coaching with me is about creating YOUR BEST LIFE of MEANING and FULL POTENTIAL. It’s for people who want to jump into the full messiness of life. It’s for people who may not be exactly sure of the road ahead but who know the road they are on is not the right one.

It’s for clients who want to get to the end of the road, at the end of their life and be able to say, “YES! MY LIFE MATTERED.”

If that’s you, then read on….

One-on-One Coaching For Your Best Life

Choose From

The Purpose Alignment

2 sixty-minute one-on-one sessions to help you align with the potential-fuelling, life-energizing power of purpose.

The Doubt Detour

2 powerful sixty-minute sessions to help you take a detour around doubt. Identify your doubt blindspots and increase your velocity towards your best life.

Full Potential Coaching

A 6-month deeply transformative coaching program for people who are ready for profound change. Reclaim your truth. Unleash your full potential and live a life of purpose + impact.

What is Full Potential Coaching

Full potential coaching is a research-informed, 6-month one-on-one coaching program for people who are serious about change. The program blends mindful awareness practices, coaching methodology, positive psychology and the latest research in the science of change to help you shift info your life of purpose and full potential.

Shift Yourself. Shift the Planet.

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What You’ll Do

Clarify or deepen your sense of purpose.

Identify a 6 month to one year commitment in service of your purpose.

Identify bio-behavioural blindspots โ€“ things you currently can’t see that are taking you away from your commitment and purpose. Donโ€™t worry, life gives us looooots of opportunities to learn about those ๐Ÿ˜‰

Design daily habits to help shift you towards your purpose and commitment and overcome doubt, fear and resistance.

Increase self-awareness, stress resiliency, focus and courage through skills including interoception, body-awareness, emotion-awareness, centering, breath and meditation practices, self compassion, perspective taking and habit design.

Learn about the neuroscience of change. My approach is deeply rooted in the science of change – how you create new neural pathways and embodied habits. The more you understand your brain, body and evolution the more you will commit to the steps you need to take to create change.

Learn how to shift from surviving to thriving.

What You’ll Get


Get crystal clear on what you care about. Start to develop a sense of purpose and identify your commitments.


Develop greater courage. Learn to recognize when doubt shows up. Develop compassion for the resistant parts of ourselves and practice taking brave steps in alignment with your vision.


Cultivate key leadership skills through every coaching conversation including self awareness, emotional regulation, empathy, resiliency and focus.


Co-create a set of daily practices and habits. Learn to align your doing with your emerging shifts in being.


Receive support, encouragement as well as accountability. Have someone on your team who both nurtures and holds you accountable.

A Roadmap

Develop a clear roadmap to keep focussed and on track after the coaching engagement ends.

Full Potential Coaching is FOR YOU if:

There’s a big project you want to start or complete – a book, a business, a side hustle – but something keeps getting in your way and you can’t figure it out.

You want to be a role model for others – your coworkers, your kids, your community.

You know you’re capable of more. You feel as though you’re cut off from your true self or your full potential.

You feel de-energized. Life feels mundane and you have to drag yourself out of bed.

Nothing’s exactly wrong. But nothing feels exactly right either.

You want to be a part of a better world. You are called to be of service.

You have tried everything else and nothing has worked.

Full Potential Coaching is NOT FOR YOU if:

You aren’t willing to examine your self or your blindspots. (Don’t worry, we’ll tiptoe our way in)

You want the easy road. You aren’t willing to commit daily effort towards your life of purpose and fulfillment.

You aren’t willing to explore other ways of knowing. You only value information that comes from your head.

You aren’t willing to practice skills of mindful awareness.

Why Coaching? Because Change is Hard

“This is not easy work but it’s powerful. I now understand why I was getting stuck. I can see my blindspots and know how to move past them.”


“Thank you for showing me the way. I didn’t realize how much I was holding myself back. I feel like I’m clear on where I’m going now and know the practices I need to do to get there.”


I wake up energized and motivated. There are things I want to do. I know I can help create positive change in this world.


Shift Yourself. Shift the Planet.

Learn more + Schedule a FREE LIFE STRATEGY session.

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