Are you on your path to full potential?

I realize it may seem like I have my fingers in a lot of different pies.

Let me explain.

What I am truly most interested in as a coach is helping people fulfill their full potential.

That involves connecting people with:

  • the truth of who they are
  • their purpose and
  • their inherent courage and resiliency to live life aligned with both those things.

Doing this work – following your own unique hero’s journey – is a thrilling but challenging ride.

Because we humans are the most complex things there are.

Each one of us has our own:

  • distinct genetic variations
  • childhood upbringing and cultural conditioning
  • unique calling and path to potential

Uncovering our full potential requires a ton of different modalities

  • Somatics –your full potential does not live in your head. It requires all parts of you — heart, mind, body and soul — so I continue to learn ways we can leverage our entire presence to support our full development.
  • Adult developmental theory – there is fascinating research coming out of Harvard by a man named Robert Kegan. Research that proves that we humans continue to develop into our adulthood. And that our development is actually encouraged when we find ourselves in complex times (hint, hint we are in one now). According to Kegans’ research, all of us have the potential to develop into the self transforming mindset – the one that allows us to thrive in great complexity – but only a small percentage of humans ever make it there. I believe with awareness that we can change that.
  • Positive psychology – there’s a ton of life-changing research here. What mental habits can we adopt, what emotions can we practice, what thoughts can we train to bring out our full potential?
  • Yoga – yoga has always been about so much more than a good stretch and a flow. It’s a pathway back to the truth of who you are and a philosophy to living a life of purpose.

What this all boils down is a skillset which helps my clients stay on the path of their human development.

Because right now I see a lot of people avoiding this path entirely.

It’s akin to a caterpillar resisting getting into his cocoon.

Imagine if a caterpillar resisted, and pushed and worked against the forces of nature that tried to bring about his full development.

How exhausting would it be for that caterpillar to resist what he was meant to be? How much energy would he have to spend not becoming himself? And what kind of support would be need to soothe himself on his path of resistance?

My heart aches for the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual toll that caterpillar exerts on his own body and for the loss to himself and our world when we never see his wings develop and his full potential soar.

Don’t be that caterpillar.

I promise you, your cocoon is calling to you. Hinting to you in some way each day and inviting you in.

Ask yourself if you’re open to the ride of your life. Or if you’re resisting what’s possible for you.

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