Take Flight: A 4-Step Formula to Live Your Full Potential

For years I had a recurring nightmare.

I am trying to catch a plane but something keeps getting in my way. I can’t find my passport. I’m on a moving walkway going nowhere or a traffic jam that never ends.

The reasons are always different but the feeling is always the same.

There’s something I can’t get to. Something that’s getting in the way of me finding my wings and taking off.

Life sometimes disconnects us from who we truly are.

Living a life disconnected from your full potential feels like that.

Past challenges, unprocessed emotions, unquestioned beliefs have us turtle ourselves into fear rather than expand into what we are fully capable of.

Like in my dream, consistent feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction can be signs that you are disconnected from your full potential.

There is always a way back to ourselves.

Change doesn’t come easy but it is always possible.

The first step is to acknowledge: Be honest with yourself that there is a divide awareness between the life you are living and the life you want. Allow space for the dissatisfaction and frustration. Our tendency is to avoid our emotions but this is how your body speaks to you. Letting you know that something is off. Key question: What is my frustration/disappointment/unhappiness trying to tell me?

The second step is to get curious: Start to explore what you are excited about. Step into inspiration and possibility. Allow yourself to dream and imagine a better future. Key question: What would make for your best possible life?

The third step is to find courage: Shine a light on what’s been getting in the way. Explore the old unconscious patterns, beliefs and tendencies that are keeping you away from your best possible life. Key question: What’s getting in the way of what I really want?

The fourth step is to take action: Commit to practicing new habits that are aligned with where you want to go. Key question: What’s one action I can take today (and ideally every day) to move forward?

I’m here to help

The above is a simple process in theory. In practice, however, it’s easy to lose focus and momentum on your own. Recognize whether you need support. If you’re ready to spread your wings and fly this year, join me and a tribe of other full-potential-seekers in our next group coaching session. Contact me for more info!

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