2 Questions All Leaders Should Ask Themselves Regularly

Like other great teachers, the Buddha was interested in what was true. But he was more interested in what helped.“
— Rick Hanson

Particularly at this time, but pretty much always, I am reminded of the power of story. How that, what gets our attention, what gets told and also what gets left out, can have a powerful impact on how we think, feel and act.

Stories make sense of our world. They help us break down complexities, understand and remember. They also create very real hormonal changes in our brain that can either empower or disempower us.

Learning to both question our current stories and adopt new ones can be life transforming.
I love this set of questions from Leadership Coach Jennifer Garvey Berger.


A key skill in life and leadership today is to be able to hold an opinion while entertaining others. It’s human nature to want to be right and to defend our stories. When you notice yourself doing this (signs are wanting to make other people wrong, or feeling clingy, or wanting to control the outcome) try the following:

QUESTION 1: What do I believe?

This question helps you understand your own thinking and also start to open up the space for other possibilities.

QUESTION 2: How could I be wrong?

This question helps you see things from different perspectives; explore all the greys that exist between black and white extremes.

Try it sometime and let me know how it works for you.

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